Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A little bit from the Jenkins 2008 Christmas!

Ok, here is Chace and his Christmas present that we gave him before going to Idaho so we didn't have to haul the thing around. He of coarse loved it!

Here are the kids at Grandpa Steve and Grandma Jonie's seeing what Santa brought for them! Needless to say, Raygan wasn't really excited about the Wii that Santa brought both of them, but Chace of coarse was ecstatic!

Ok, a little background for this here picture! We were staying at Dave's brother's in-laws cabin but they needed it for a New Year's party they were having so we had to move to the cabin across the lake. The lake is basically all that area in front of us on the snowmobile. It is supposedly frozen and the only way to get to the cabin. So Dave is pulling Preslie and I behind the snowmobile across the frozen lake. If we didn't die from falling into the frozen lake, I thought we would die from carbon monoxide poisoning from that snowmobile. Preslie wasn't bothered by it I guess because she fell asleep on the way! When all was said and done we survived the whole ordeal, although I wake up at night worrying about what could have happened if the temperature would have been just a bit warmer??????

Here's Preslie at 3 months old! Sitting up, yahhhh!!