Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our weekend adventures....if you can call it that!!!

Here's Preslie sitting in her bumbo chair!

Well, we had a busy weekend this weekend, but when don't we? Saturday was Daddy Day at Raygan's preschool so her and Dad went on a date to school that morning. Then Chace had his first BMX race of the season and he took 1st place. He needs one more first place win and he can move up to the intermediate class which we're hoping is a little more competition for him. Dave of coarse had to race too, he has a little more competition in his class so it might be a while before he moves up to the next class. From there we headed to the shooting range with Grandpa and Grandma Jenkins. The boys shot the guns while the girls hung out in the car trying to stay warm. Chace got to shoot Grandpa's old 22 and thought that was great. We then went to Mongolian for dinner, did a little shopping at TJMaxx and headed home and went to bed. Now it's Sunday afternoon and I'm BORED to death. I'm not too fond of the 9am church because the day seems to DRAAAAGGGG on forever. Anyway, life is good at the Jenkins household. Chace has his last basketball game on Saturday and his first soccer game too. So he is currently playing soccer, basketball, signed up to start baseball, going to scouts and trying to race his motorcycle when he can fit it in! What the heck is wrong with me?? He loves all of them and it keeps him from sitting in front of the television and off of that dumb DS so I guess I won't complain. Raygan is in gymnastics and we signed her up to play t-ball for her first time (this should be very entertaining). Dave is still working out of town during the week and it looks like that is going to continue for an indefinite amount of time. I guess you have to go where the work is these days. Preslie is now 4 1/2 months old and never sleeps. Aren't 4 months old still suppose to sleep quite a bit? She sleeps good at night but pretty much never sleeps during the day! So not much gets done around here. Oh well, more time to play with her I guess. Anyway, just thought I would update everyone on what's up with the Jenkins these days.....we know how good at blogging I am so it might be a few more months before you hear from me! Oh, I will try and post a video of Chace's BMX race. It is kinda far away but you can see him once he comes closer to me!