Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our little baseball stud!!

Well, I was determined to get a video of Chace playing baseball! So it wasn't the best video because I was standing behind this really tall fence. We only have 2 baseball games left which is bittersweet because I love going and watching the games but Raygan, Preslie and I are sick of freezing our rears off at all the practices and games. It was a fun season and Chace has come so far since he started playing 3 years ago! Way to go Chacers!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My kiddos!

Here's my little t-ball player. She is wearing all Chace's hand-me-down baseball clothes. I don't think she'll be going pro but she sure is dang cute! It's about time Chace sits on the side lines and watches her for all the many hours she has been drug around to all Chace's events! I do have to admit that it is hard to go from watching Chace's games to going to watch 4 and 5 year olds play t-ball. It's hard to believe that Chace was just like those little 4 year olds not so long ago!

Ok, I realize I'm a little late with posting but I eventually get around to it. So here is our easter picture for the year. Yah, I know, it stinks but when you have to have 5 people dressed and ready to go to church at 8:45 am you take what you can get. Dad was the photographer here. Thanks honey, but next year hopefully I will be ready to go to church on time so I can take the pictures!

Pinewood Derby winner!!

Well, Chace took first place at our church's pinewood derby. He was so excited. Although I think his Dad was just as excited because we all know that it's really an activity for the boy's dad's. The morning of the derby, Dave woke up and put the finishing coat of paint on, applied the stickers and went to spray a final clear coat on but when he started spraying, out came a pretty coat of white paint. The clear coat bottle was mislabeled with a white label. Woops! I wasn't out in the garage but I'm sure there was some pretty naughty words being said.
In case anyone's wondering about Chace's socks, he just came from soccer and those are his chin guards. :)