Thursday, September 3, 2009

My little brothers finally a dad! Crazy!!

Here is my new little nephew, Evan Jensen! Is he not the cutest thing you've ever seen? I'm looking forward to seeing him for the first time in a few weeks! Way to go Jake and Jimie, he's perfect!

A little peek of our summer!

Wow, I've forgotten how to even post it's been so long! Here are a few pictures of our summer of 09'!

My mom with 5 of her 10 grandkids at the bowling alley!

Chace would kill me if he knew I was posting this picture that him and some of the neighbor kids posed for!

Our trip to the Washington Coast with Grandpa Stan and Grandma Shirley, I thought this picture was adorable with Grandma and Raygan looking for seashells!

Our annual trip to Silverwood! Raygan and I stuck with the "little kid" rides while Dad and Chace hit the "big kid" rides!

Our baby girl is now almost 11 months old! I can't even think about it or I get depressed! I've been having thoughts of baby #4 but don't anyone even mention that to Dave or there will be trouble at the Jenkins household!!

Here's our little Raygan at her first day of Kindergarten! She didn't even look back to tell me good-bye. Sometimes I wish I were one of those moms that had a kid that cries when you leave them for the first time. I'm glad she was ready and I'm going to miss having her around! I just love that girl to death!!!

Well, that's just a small preview of our summer! We had lots of fun with lots of good friends and family! It definantly will be a summer to remember!