Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our girls birthdays!

I wish I would have had video of Preslie eating her cupcake. She shoved the entire cupcake in her mouth and then had all this frosting on her hand and she was so upset because she couldn't figure out how to get it off. It was pretty comical!

Preslie is 1! She wasn't real sure what to do with the cupcake with the candle in it.

Raygan wanted to blow out candles for breakfast on her birthday so I came up with this genius idea.....bananas on top of cheerios with candles stuck in the bananas! She loved it!

Raygan and her girlfriends at the Disney on Ice show that we took them to for her birthday party! It was a pretty cool show!

Mom won't waste .50 cents on these dumb rides but Daddy sure will!!

Happy 6th Birthday Raygan! We let her choose where to go for dinner and she chose Azteca because you get to wear this cool hat and you get a cherry on top of your dessert!