Saturday, January 30, 2010 we come!

Just wanted you to notice the new music on my blog! Yup, that's right...Daughtry and Lifehouse! Just bought tickets to the concert in Yakima on May 10th! Can't wait!

Our little snowboarder and finally a walker!!

Dad and Chace on their first (well, Chace's first) snowboarding adventure! He was really nervous about the thought of being that high up on the ski lift but when he actually got on it was fine!

Preslie Poo is finally walking! 15 1/2 months old and finally decided to give up the whole crawling thing!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Anyone interested or know someone that might be???

Well the Jenkins are finally putting the house up for sale. We were planning on staying for only 2 years and then selling but guess what, it's been 5 years. So we're a little behind schedule but better late than never right! Here's a picture and to find out more information please visit this website:
OWNERS.COM listing #PPJ9216!